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Carolina ATM stands as an industry leader when it comes to ATM sales, providing exceptional services nationwide. With our strategically placed ATMs, we effectively serve diverse businesses in key locations. Our customized ATM programs cater to merchants and businesses of all sizes, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your specific requirements. Whether you seek to purchase, or acquire a complimentary ATM for your business, Carolina ATM is your ideal partner.

Our Services

Carolina ATM offers a comprehensive range of ATM services. Being an independent ATM operator involves so much more than buying your machine. There’s constant monitoring and maintenance that comes with keeping your machine running smoothly. We know you’ve got a lot on your plate as a business owner, and we’re here to help! Our customers enjoy:

Full Service ATM Placement

ATM Sales

ATM Processing


24/7 Monitoring

Technical Support

Cash Flow Management

Bank Outsourcing &

Enhance Your Business Operations with Full-Service ATMs

Business owners looking to generate extra income will love our full-service ATMs from Carolina ATM. We handle every aspect of ATM management, leaving you worry-free. From installation and programming to cash management and service, we take care of it all. When you choose our full-service program, you provide the location and the necessary phone line or internet access, and we offer free ATM placement, installation, technical support, and maintenance.

Find the Perfect ATM Solution for Your Business

When customers are on the hunt for an ATM, it's common for them to end up browsing your shop and even making a purchase before they head out. At Carolina ATM, we understand that investing in an ATM machine can significantly boost foot traffic and sales for your business. Having an ATM machine available not only provides a convenient service for your customers but also creates an additional revenue stream. With our ATM sales services, you can effortlessly offer this valuable service while earning a portion of the surcharge revenue.

Simplify Payment Processing with Carolina ATM

At Carolina ATM, we strive to provide our customers with dependable and hassle-free ATM processing services. Businesses seek a reliable ATM processor that is responsive and trustworthy. Our customers trust Carolina ATM to handle all their ATM transaction processing needs. If you're ready to learn more about ATM processing and how we can help boost your business sales, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Keep Your ATMs Running Smoothly with Carolina ATM's Maintenance Solutions

Business across the nation count on Carolina ATM to keep their ATMs operating at peak performance. We offer comprehensive ATM maintenance services to ensure smooth and uninterrupted functionality. Our skilled technicians take care of all aspects of ATM maintenance, including software updates, hardware inspections, cash replenishment, and troubleshooting. With our reliable ATM maintenance services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ATMs are in excellent hands.

Peace of Mind With Carolina ATM's Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Carolina ATM offers convenient online monitoring services that grant business owners easy access to their account through our user-friendly website. Easily track various essential details, including the cash balance of your ATM, the amount of money dispensed, and the surcharge revenue earned with just a click of a button. You can even set up email or text notifications to alert you if the cash balance is running low or if any issues arise with the ATM.

Your Trusted Partner for Professional Technical Support

It’s critical for business owners to ensure the continuous operation of their ATM machine. Carolina ATM takes exceptional service seriously by providing unwavering technical support for our valued clients. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you over the phone. In cases where issues are more complex and cannot be resolved remotely, we act fast and dispatch a field service technician to address the problem on-site as quickly as possible.

Optimize Cash Flow and Increase Profitability with Carolina ATM

In order to minimize cash handling costs associated with transportation, processing, and storage, it’s critical for financial institutions to have reliable cash flow management. By utilizing a cash management system, institutions can optimize cash circulation, forecast cash demand, and strategically plan cash logistics based on various factors. At Carolina ATM, we offer a comprehensive approach to cash flow and cash automation services. Our specialized ATM cash management software enables banks to effectively manage cash, enhance the cash supply chain, and monitor real-time status.

Strengthen Your Brand with Carolina ATM's Bank Outsourcing and Cobranding Solutions

Carolina ATM offers bank outsourcing and cobranding solutions that provide financial institutions with cost-effective options to expand their market presence. By outsourcing with Carolina ATM, you can reduce operational costs and save valuable time. We specialize in maximizing ATM profitability, turning underperforming machines into lucrative profit centers month after month. We take care of managing, servicing, and replenishing the ATMs, allowing you to enjoy the rewards and benefits. Our full-service ATM placement is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized banks and credit unions that want to expand their brand and market reach without the added expenses of machine ownership, service, and maintenance. Partner with Carolina ATM to elevate your brand presence and increase your profitability in the ATM market.

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