Bank Outsourcing & Co-Branding

Customized branding programs.

Carolina ATM offers customized branding programs to banks across the United States. We expertly operate and manage off-premise ATMs, helping banks reduce expenses, establish and maintain public exposure, and increase profitability.


We offer the options of branding any of our ATMs to increase exposure in target markets, outsource problem accounts to cut costs and/or provide an added service to your customers.


Our full-service options are particularly attractive to financial institutions struggling to justify unprofitable off-premise ATMs. With our co-branding program, Carolina ATM brands ATMs with your bank name and logo and provides ongoing cash replenishment, maintenance and customer service.

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Custom Branding

Carolina ATM will brand ATMs with your bank name and logo and you’ll get ongoing cash replenishment, maintenance and 24-hour customer service at a level consistent with your bank brand. It’s the best way to increase your exposure in target markets.

Working With Carolina ATM Specialist You can expect

Greater Efficiency

Increased Profitability

Reduced Expenses

Reduced Cash Exposure

Accessibility: 24/7 Support

Professional Image

Why Choose Carolina ATM

It takes significant time, money, and manpower to keep ATM’s up and running. Carolina ATM can alleviate these issues while still delivering quality service with a professional image to your customers. It is our commitment to maintain and protect your Bank name and brand.

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The Bottom Line

Carolina ATM can eliminate your manpower and cash outlay necessary to keep your ATM’s up and running. We’ll lower your costs and decrease the hours spent maintaining your ATM’s. The bottom line is making you more profitable.

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